Richard Jeppesen MCIOB, ACIArb

Richard has extensive experience in the construction industry. Having run a construction company for 14 years he has in depth knowledge of the working methods of construction companies, their accounting procedures and he has an awareness of good commercial management practises.

Richard’s experience allows him to work closely with clients in order to understand the needs of their case and to examine the detail necessary for a successful outcome.

Richard regularly negotiates on behalf of clients and understands the balance between achieving the right settlement and maintaining relationships.

Richard has knowledge of all aspects of construction procurement, including negotiating with consultants and contractors, resolution of details and focusing on the client’s requirements.

Richard has the ability to stand back and assess a situation, consult and consider the best options to achieve a cost effective solution.

Examples of Richard’s experience:

  • Working closely with a client he prepared a detailed complex final account for a suspended ceiling contractor. The account was later successfully adjudicated.
  • Working closely with a Building Services contractor, Richard manages much of their commercial requirements including liaising directly with the sub-contractor’s clients.
  • Preparation of a main contractor’s final account on a hospital contract including settlement of sub-contractor’s accounts.
  • Measurement, assessment and valuation of works for residential developments in support of proposed litigation.