Adjudication has, since 1998, been the most widely used method for resolving disputes when they occur. Melbury has been conducting adjudications for clients regularly since 1999 either for the referring or responding party.

Melbury’s service includes an early examination of the available evidence to identify the likelihood of success for clients and making sure that the process is focused on the key issues.

A key aspect of adjudication is that you cannot recover your costs, even when you win your case. Controlling costs and minimising expenditure is therefore critical for you, your cashflow and your profits.

No one wants to incur unnecessary costs, that’s why our Adjudication Service is essential to your business.

Adjudication, used well, will benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Adjudication will allow you to recover your money quickly and strengthen your cashflow.
  • Adjudication will allow you to rapidly resolve, for your benefit, outstanding issues so that your time and staff resources are released to concentrate on adding value to your business.
  • You need never again be faced with the long and costly process of arbitration or litigation to resolve a dispute.

Why not give us a call? We are confident we can provide you with an expert service at competitive rates.