Contract Vetting

Truism – If you have received a tender with a standard contract that has been amended not one of those amendments has been drafted to help you – Melbury can though.

Vetting the proposed contracts is critically important to your business as more and more contracts are either bespoke or standard forms which have been heavily amended. Contract vetting means reviewing the contract documents and highlighting the risks and liabilities that are encompassed in them.

We will provide you with a review, in language that is understandable, of the contract that you are being asked to enter. The review will highlight risks and onerous clauses so that they can either be negotiated out or known about and managed

Melbury has in-depth knowledge of all the major standard forms of contract (including the JCT, NEC, ICE etc.) and can therefore understand the full effects of any proposed amendments to those standard forms.

Our service will give you the confidence to know what risks there are and how those risks can be managed.

We understand that onerous clauses cannot always be negotiated out, but it’s best to know they are there before they damage your business.

Finally – once you are successful, we can train your staff in the application of the contract so that your business is protected from day one.