Dispute Avoidance

It is better to implement appropriate controls and monitoring procedures at the start of a project (although it’s never too late), rather than later when it can be time consuming to prepare or defend claims in a formal dispute which is likely to affect cashflow and good relations.

The overarching purpose of a Dispute Avoidance Plan is to ensure it takes a co-ordinated, consistent and effective approach to preventing disputes or effectively managing those disputes that do arise.

Melbury’s Dispute Avoidance skills are built on experience and knowledge of the industry and follow a process that is focused on client needs, can prevent and/or manage disputes and avoid some situations unnecessarily escalating.

You need an effective Dispute Avoidance Plan that will include:

  • Understanding your contractual rights and obligations
  • Training your staff in good contract administration practice
  • Good record keeping

If you are in the middle of a dispute or feel one is likely, it is wise to seek specialist advice as early as possible so that you can make informed decisions.

Call Melbury and we can help you start the process of protecting your reputation and your business.