Peter Heatley BSc MRICS, MCIARb, DipAdj

Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE) BTEC Level 7 ( Masters level)

Managing Director

With a contracting background Peter has extensive experience of dispute avoidance and dispute resolution having founded Melbury in 1999.

Peter works with clients to develop the most cost effective strategy that is suited to the individual needs of their organisation and the challenges that they face. He is able to consider all approaches to dispute avoidance and resolution from negotiation and conciliation through to more adversarial methods such as adjudication.

The most economic approach to commercially managing a construction project is to avoid disputes in the first place. Peter likes to work with clients early in the process so that contract terms are clear and understood by the parties.

His experience encompasses all forms of contract including traditional, design and build, management and cost contracts, NEC and bespoke forms drafted by individual companies.

Peter has extensive experience in the preparation of client’s cases for adjudication and then representing parties in adjudications whether for the claimant or the respondent.

Examples of Peter’s experience:

  • Adjudicating against a main contractor and having it abandon a £900k claim for delay and disruption cost against a sub-contractor.
  • Providing contractual advice and conducting adjudications for a main contractor on a £50m residential project.
  • Reading through proposed contracts and providing risk assessments of the onerous clauses.
  • Representing clients in many adjudications since 1999.
  • Drafting NEC3 Sub-Contract for Main Contractor.
  • Acting as expert witness for a main contractor with a claim against the employer.
  • Working on instruction from Insolvency Practitioners to recover debts owed to insolvent companies.

Peter’s memberships

In addition to his qualifications Peter also has the following memberships: 

  • Member of the Society of Construction Law
  • The Adjudication Society