Alternatives to Adjudication

Mediation : Arbitration : Litigation

Since the introduction of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 adjudication has become the predominate process for resolving construction disputes. However, it is not the only method, other important processes include Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.

Melbury is able to act for parties in mediation and arbitration. In litigation Melbury cannot take conduct of the case (not being solicitors), however, we work with our clients to build a winning team of Solicitors, Experts and Barristers so that whatever the dispute our clients needs are satisfied. A published case where this approach was successful is Claymore Services Limited -v- Nautilus Properties Limited [2007] EWHC 805 (TCC) where Melbury prepared the account and subsequently constructed a legal team for the client, Claymore.