Contract Termination

The termination of a contract can be a major issue and cause a serious, often bitter, dispute between the parties because the stakes can be high when each holds the other responsible for the termination and the costs flowing from it.

Melbury understands the issues involving contract termination and can provide the strategic advice needed to deal with it successfully.

Case Study

  • In a recent case a client had their contract terminated and their client held it responsible for the substantial extra costs for completion of the works by others.
  • Melbury reviewed our client’s case and on its behalf accepted the repudiation [the wrongful termination] of its contract.
  • Using the adjudication provision of the contract an adjudicator then agreed that the contract had been repudiated and that Melbury’s client was entitled to damages.
  • At the end of the process Melbury’s client had been paid in excess of £250,000 including £160,000 in damages and all the claims against it had been rejected in the adjudication.

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